Business Development Workshops

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Many professionals we have worked with and coached think that there is something ‘magic’ about the people who just seem to be naturally able to do this Business Development ‘thing’. The esteemed ‘hunters’ of new business, the owners of the never ending black-book of referrers and contacts, and the special few who just seem to be ‘there’ when work opportunities arise.

So where can I buy the magic pill? The bad news is that sadly we haven’t yet found one. The good news is that the magic can be created by anyone…. But it takes discipline and hard work!

We will concede that there may be some special strengths that separate the best ‘salesman’ from the rest. Confidence, charisma, the ability to build rapport and relationships and natural positive energy. But the business developers who usually achieve their targets are the ones who are disciplined and constantly focus on all aspects of the Business Development cycle.

We have developed a modular programme of workshops, each of which can be ran in isolation or as part of a fuller solution. And they can be delivered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level.

The workshops are highly interactive and practical, and we encourage delegates to work on ‘live’ situations and data, real targets and pipelines.
Combining theory, models, toolkits and practice the programme is designed to build the knowledge, skills, behaviours and confidence to contribute successfully to Business Development. Action plans are completed and monitored throughout meaning that it really is on-the-job learning.

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