Converting prospects into profitable clients

In a competitive marketplace, firms need to do everything they can to win new clients and reduce the time to move suspects to prospects to new fees.

Our solutions are designed to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Build confidence
  • Leverage known networks
  • Track and measure successAs fee-earners become more and more accountable for Business Development results, it is imperative they have positive impact with prospects and be able to persuade and influence decision makers.

We can help you create a process to improve conversion rates through building great business conversational skills that gain a stronger understanding of prospect issues and challenges and how you can provide solutions.

Fee earners will then be able to focus on how to influence key decision makers through understanding your value and how it can benefit prospects. Discover how to maximise your personal impact driving more positive contact marketing results.

Our solutions will create more focused and polished Business Developers who can:

  • Understand the buying motivations of prospects
  • Articulate the full value proposition of the firm
  • Dig deep into client issues through effective questioning and listening
  • Lead successful first meetings with clients
  • Drive better conversions and profitable growth

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