Building Client Relationships

Building Effective Client relationships

For 30 years the profession has been talking about the need for client-facing professionals to be Advisers. Our experience suggests that most professionals have not yet made the transition and are still positioned as specialists – someone who is engaged to provide a specialist service (delivered to a high quality) to their clients.

From the professional’s perspective, the advancement of AI and technology means that many of the traditional activities and outputs of fee earners will become automated. Being able to create context around the information by understanding clients’ worlds and ambitions will become role critical.

Our programmes equip individuals with the skills, toolkits and confidence to build deeper relationships and provide more value to clients through:

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We work with you to understand the current position, what is preventing fee earners from transitioning into Advisers and what your unique definition of an Adviser is in the context of your clients.

Do you need your fee earners to drive an advisery approach?

Is it hard for them to adapt (skills, behaviours and cultural factors)?

How would you define the role, behaviours and expectations of an adviser in your firm?

What are the clear benefits that this change would make to your business?


Our solutions include:

  • Transitioning to Trusted Adviser
  • Individual Adviser coaching


We ensure action plans and targets from learning interventions are aligned with performance management processes to embed and lock in the change. We help you to develop measures and feedback systems to drive accountability and identify the cultural levers that have to be worked to drive new behaviours and mindsets.


We work with you to compare results against initial desired outcomes through quantitative and qualitative measures.

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