A magic wand for Professional Services Firms?

A magic wand for Professional Services Firms?

When we meet with senior leadership teams in professional service firms and ask them ‘if you had a magic wand, what would you want your client teams to be more effective at?”

Almost always the answer is something like this:

“building stronger relationships with our clients, getting closer to them, becoming trusted not just as a service provider but as that ‘someone’ who can help clients get to where they want to get to”
Most leadership teams know this is crucial to their strategy, know that this can lock-in and retain clients and know that this will result in more client service opportunities. They know that human relationships are a real differentiator against the growing number of tech-led service providers.

Modern professionals are technically strong. The training and learning they receive though their professional qualifications and the process of mastering their specialism means they are able to provide great client service and advice within their line of service.

Yet the crucial human interaction and emotional intelligence skills, the ability to ask great questions, to empathise, to challenge, to influence, to coach, to adapt approaches and styles are often missing. They are not taught through the qualification process and many don’t receive the mentoring from senior exemplars to help them to develop them

If only there was a magic wand.

Whilst we can’t claim to perform magic, nor carry wands and spell books, we can certainly help to bridge the developmental gap and help your client facing teams to have more impact with clients.

theGrogroup Client Relationship Accelerator programme provides tools, resources and frameworks to help professionals develop the mindset, skills and behaviours to build stonger and deeper client relationships, to position themselves closer to clients and be proactive in identifying needs and wants.

It has been designed, and is delivered, by sector experts who understand the barriers and challenges, who have the stories and who are focused on action and results.

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