Introducing Paul

Usually seen in pink – true to the brand (!) he can usually be found deep in animated conversation or occasionally spotted on his bike. Wannabe rock guitarist but lacks the hair!


Paul has run the business for over 25 years and during that time has worked with a variety of organisations, from FTSE listed to local entrepreneurs in both public and private sector firms, where he has helped them drive change.

He is an executive coach and works at board level with a small number of key clients, and an experienced facilitator working internationally with a range of companies. As a keynote speaker Paul focuses on: Delivering strategy, Communication, Leadership and Curiosity – one of the key skills in leaders.

He balances his time between his keynote sessions, providing elements of our executive development programmes and working with clients to resolve their challenges.

Paul trained as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG in their London office and after a decade within the profession chose to move into behavioural development where he has spent the last 25 years focused on developing performance and driving change.

Q&A with Paul

How I drive performance / results in my clients?
Honesty. That may feel brutal at times. It’s not meant to be but if there is an elephant in the room I will (help others) call it out. Sometimes this is about saying – please don’t waste money on doing this now. It won’t work.

Work project most proud of / greatest achievement to date?
Designing and co-delivering a leadership programme to The Met Police. 18,000 officers and staff, with a series of 36 interactive, practical events for 500 people each time. Supported by online resources, video and film interviews and run with such precision for the Commissioner that we were within 1 minute of target every single time. The most challenging logistical and practical (not to say confidential) piece of work we have ever done.

What drives me?
Making a difference to a business and delivering a solution where they can look back and say – “Thank you that really had an impact”  Feedback from people I have coached and worked with at board level who say – “That was inspiring” or just “you really made a difference to my life at that point.”

Favourite quote to describe you/your approach
“You can tell him everything…then he can work out how to help us. I trust him implicitly.” . “This is great! When did you join us?” I haven’t, I am a consultant… “Wait… but how come you make it all so relevant?”

What’s your superpower?
I do make a mean chili – the trick is to use a slow cooker – and of course, Chocolate. That is the secret ingredient. #You’re welcome.

Who are your role models?
Parents. The older I get the more I recognise the powerful impact strong role models have on your psychology and sense of self and confidence. It’s why confidence is so hard to create – it’s formed when you are so young that it takes a while to overcome your own doubts.

Are there aliens?
I grew up as a science fiction fan and according to Dr Brian Cox, statistically it would be unlikely we were the only living life forms. However, have they been to Croydon and given us Teflon or Velcro? No. UFO’s are most likely the next variant of a stealth bomber…