Business Development

We know how fundamentally important Business Development is to every Professional Services Firm

In a modern Professional Services Firm, everybody has to be responsible for developing business and growing the top line profitably. This isn’t just about winning new clients and projects, it’s about retaining existing clients and looking for opportunities to add value, to help solve their challenges and issues by providing high-quality solutions. It’s about building and nurturing relationships with intermediaries and referrers.

Our solutions enable a fee earner to create a clear framework of activities that guarantee effective BD opportunities and build confidence:


We work with you to understand your BD strategy and growth plans, your approaches to markets, sectors and clients and your marketing, BD and sales processes. We dig down to uncover what is limiting BD performance (skills, behaviours, mindsets and cultural levers) and any potential ‘barriers’ to change. We then clarify the activities for each fee earner that drive the greatest results.


Our solutions include:

  • Growing the pipeline
  • Converting prospects into clients
  • Generating more profits from existing clients
  • Pitching to win business
  • Pricing value
  • Negotiation skills
  • Creating successful sector approaches
  • Individual marketing and Business Development coaching


Clear targets are created and personal marketing and BD plans are submitted and followed up with individuals to drive action and commitment. Progress against KPIs is reviewed as part of performance management processes.

We can work with you to develop effective systems to create personal and collective accountability for BD activity and advise on how to push other cultural levers to drive improved performance.


We help you to compare results against initial desired outcomes through quantitative and qualitative measures


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