Kate Hennig


When not in the office, usually seem out pounding the streets in her running shoes or wellies whilst walking the family dogs, that’s in between being Mum taxi!


Kate is an experienced behaviour change consultant across areas of Management, Leadership, Engagement and 360 Feedback, and has worked with a wide range of clients. Kate is passionate about developing great people, teams and organisations.

Kate trained as an Accountant at PwC and spent 7 years in their Midlands offices working in the audit practice, whilst delivering a number of their internal training programmes. In 2005, Kate  joined a top 10 accounting practice, where she set up and ran their very successful Advisers to Entrepreneurs programme, and alongside Alex Shacklock developed their award winning Academy – a market leading integrated Learning and Development operation.

Kate focuses on alignment of senior teams and organisational strategy and has worked across all levels from senior partners through to managers and is also theGrogroup’s Operations Director – leading client relationships and the finances of the firm!


Q&A with Kate

What’s your superpower?
Being a parent! And co-running a business ….. it’s quite a balancing act!

What’s your greatest achievement to date?
From a work perspective, I would say it’s the one to one work I’ve done with people over the years, usually on the path to, or transitioning in to, a new role. Helping people to appreciate their own strengths and focus their time and resources doing what they’re best at! I still meet people today who refer back to a feedback development session we had years before and they recall it being a significant turning point for them!

Plus being a parent, to two kind, hardworking and talented young girls!

What mistake taught you the most?
I’m forever learning from my mistakes on a daily basis!

Who are your role models?
I’ve had a number of role models, from my early school years and also inside and outside of work, who on reflection have all possessed some overlapping qualities – show a real selfless interest in others, an acceptance of others who are different to them and a strong ability to deal with and overcome life obstacles.

Are there aliens?
As a child ET was one of my favourite films! I’m not sure ET exists, however I’m pretty certain there’s some other form of life out there!

Favourite quote to describe you/your approach
“Believe you can and you are half way there” – passionately believe that one of the biggest barriers to change is in people’s own thoughts / minds. Something I see and have experiences in sport and also in business!