Commercial Performance

Imagine how effectively business would perform if everyone took total responsibility for driving financial performance - and if everyone was accountable for maximising commercial efficiency and effectiveness and driving profitability.

We have developed a series of solutions, underpinned by a tried and tested process to drive more effective financial accountability in Professional Services Firms, helping individuals to focus on profitability and cash flow and looking for opportunities to improve commercial results.

Each firm creates its own culture and values around finance. This can be weak or strong, leading to all the behaviours you experience each month.

We work with clients to create bespoke solutions to achieve agreed outcomes, including:


We work with you to create a crystal clear picture of the present position and drive to the root causes of any commercial underperformance. What are the current levels of commercial awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence? Which cultural levers are driving current behaviours? What are the potential barriers to change? What are the measures and standards that you want to strive for? What will great performance look like?


Our solutions include:

  • Individual commercial and financial performance coaching
  • Business Simulation Professional Services
  • Business Simulation general business
  • Pricing Value
  • Negotiation
  • Rules of Profitability
  • Finance for non financial managers


We ensure that clear measures are created and actions from learning interventions are aligned with performance management processes to embed and lock in the change. We work with you to develop metrics and ‘scoring’ systems to drive accountability.


We help you to compare results against initial desired outcomes through quantitative and qualitative measures

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