Our team of coaches enable professionals to accelerate their careers and manage challenges, so that they can improve their leadership style, clarify goals, make choices and manage emotional situations.

Coaching engagements are usually either stand-alone interventions or to supplement other development initiatives. Typical assignments include:

  • Board members and executives
  • Associates, Senior managers and Directors for promotion to partner
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance approach to BD
  • Manage difficult people
  • Improve client relationships

Personal chemistry is key and so is the individual’s willingness and availability to be coached. We have around 20 trusted coaches and all have a proven track record in practice so we can offer a wide choice of different styles and approaches to suit the situation and challenge.

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We work with you to clarify coaching needs and define required outcomes from the process and shape the content of the coaching process to embed the required mindsets, skills and behaviours:


Our coaching solutions include:

  • Executive coaching

Coaching to supplement other learning interventions – or individual coaching engagements covering

  • Promotion
  • Leading a team
  • Business Advisery
  • Improved Commercial performance
  • Business Development and growing your pipeline



We ensure that generated coaching action plans are aligned with performance management processes to embed and lock in the change. We work with you to develop further measures and systems to drive accountability


We help you to compare results against initial desired outcomes through quantitative and qualitative measures

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