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The Advance Programme: We build confidence

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We developed the Advance programme in response to feedback from clients and individuals who shared with us the challenges they faced in recruiting and retaining female staff at senior levels. Many businesses face a common issue where women frequently do not put themselves forward for promotions or lack the confidence to showcase their skills and pursue top-level positions.

As you are reading this page, it may be something you have noticed too?

Typical ‘Women’s Leadership Programmes’ usually fail to deliver change, as they use the same syllabus as a regular leadership programme and rarely broach the kind of subjects that women feel are important to them in the workplace. Women in professional services are highly intelligent, capable and focused. So this programme is far less about teaching women what leadership is, and far more about helping them paint a clearer picture of the woman they wish to “become” and supporting them to take practical action to realise this at work.

Aspiring Women Leaders – A Programme that builds over time


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A Choice of Delivery Style and Price

We have created three Advance Programme streams so there is an appropriate solution for all women in your organisation. Participants initially follow a common pathway with a 1:1 welcome call and the first 4 modules. Every solution ends with a call to action:

Bronze: Essential

Three months duration with 5 modules including:

  • Your Brilliance
  • Base Camp
  • Inner and Outer Strategies
  • Essential Resilience
  • Call to action – The 3Cs

Silver Progression

Four months duration with 6 modules including:

  • All Essential modules
  • Additional modules on Resilience
  • Call to action – The 3Cs
  • Closer coaching from facilitators
  • Unlimited email support

Gold: Succession

Six months duration:

  • Provides 1:1 coaching for promotion
  • A total of 42 sessions across 8 modules
  • Plus Executive Presence
  • Plus Saboteur Handling
  • Lifetime access to the online content

The Same Great Outcomes for Your Aspiring Women Leaders

ADVANCE reconnects women with their Ambition – their strong desire to achieve, enabling Decisions that honour their Values, and lead to focused Action.  All of this in a Nourishing environment which balances challenge with support, building Confidence and releasing Energy to achieve professional and personal results.

The result:

Your firm can benefit from greater engagement and more importantly prepare your women for the challenges that lie ahead and build their confidence and desire to step up, stay on board and lead others in your teams.

Women will lead naturally with more confidence and clarity, and the self-belief that they can succeed in the organisation.

  • Run by women for women
  • Learning at your convenience
  • Transformational tools & techniques
  • Weekly support & coaching
  • Built-in accountability & agency
  • Life-long membership and access to resources
  • Future focussed female family

Boston Consulting recently highlighted the impact of this kind of development citing that “it’s important that leaders understand the powerful impact of inclusion at the highest level as they believe it is one of the most actionable levers companies have to attract and retain talent”


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