Building Effective Senior Leadership Teams

Board development and high-performance leadership teams

Building effective senior Leadership Teams is crucial for the success of any firm. Leaders should continuously strive to improve their skills, work together as a team, be held accountable for their actions, and operate with transparency.

Our work with Boards and Leadership Teams combines solutions across our two core service offerings of Gro:horizons and Gro:Learning & Development. When working with senior teams, we approach it as follows:

Strategic Core

Clarifying the strategic core and direction of travel – the purpose, vision, values and strategy of the business should be at the core of any development or change programme to focus everyone involved, guide decision making and drive action. We always recommend a session to revisit this strategic core, to ensure all members have clarity and to ensure buy-in.

Board Development

Working with the board to help them build a high-functioning team.

Masterclasses/Group Development

Addressing common skills/behaviour/mindset needs through group masterclasses to cover common developmental needs.

Individual Support and Development

Supporting individual development needs with personal coaching and mentoring.

Embedding Change/Enabling Performance Improvement

Regular check-ins to measure progress and results and continually review the plan.


By focusing on these key areas, your firm can create a senior leadership team that is well-equipped to drive progress and achieve success.


Our approach to building effective Senior Leadership Teams and Board development

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