Our Team

An experienced and expert team of performance consultants

Our Director team have all worked in professional service firms in both fee earning and talent development roles, and have extensive experience of working as part of a business.

Our team of consultants are experts in their specialist subject areas, and have worked for a range of businesses in both the public and private sector.

Managing Director and esteemed leader!

A bundle of energy, Paul's passion rubs off on anyone he meets!

Tel: 07973 132076 paul@thegrogroup.com

Paul Richmond

Managing Director

Director, finance & operations guru!

Kate is theGrogroup juggler, talented at keeping all the firm’s balls in the air – key clients, finances and projects!

Tel: 07800 617206 kate@thegrogroup.com

Kate Hennig


Director and creative genius!

Anyone who’s had the opportunity to work with Alex never forgets him due to his contagious enthusiasm and passionate style!

Tel: 07557 677906 alex@thegrogroup.com

Alex Shacklock

Anna Cutler
  • Anna is our newest member of the team and ensures we are all in the right place at the right time to deliver exceptional service to our clients.
  • She is an experienced organiser with a passion for copywriting.
Tel: 0333 7722 061 anna@thegrogroup.com

Anna Methven

  • Following a career in retail, Vince has been a chess master, magician and one of the key members of our team delivering learning and development solutions
  • Vibrant, energetic and inspirational delivery style, achieving effective long-term results, Vince has worked with a range of clients across the globe
  • Designer of a number of online business simulations that focus on Risk and Ethics
Tel: 0333 7722 061 vince@thegrogroup.com

Vince Slaven

Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach
Helen Tuddenham
  • 25 years of professional services experience, Helen understands the nuances of building a career in a complex organisation
  • Helen has coached professionals in business at all levels, on a range of career progression, influence, impact and confidence issues
  • Helen’s clients predominantly come from the professional services, finance and engineering sectors
Tel: 0333 7722 061 helen@thegrogroup.com

Helen Tuddenham

Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach
Steph Harvie - theGrogroup


Tel: 0333 7722 061 stephanie@thegrogroup.com

Stephanie Harvie

Lead Consultant and Executive Coach
Simon Dawkins theGrogroup
  • Creator of our “Ready4Business” simulation
  • 20 years experience, after qualifiying at KPMG, in a range of organisations across Europe and the US, ensures Simon has a wealth of practical ideas to help change mindsets
  • Simon combines his charm and sense of humour to bring his solutions to life and breathe energy and fun in to finance
Tel: 0333 7722 061 hello@thegrogroup.com

Simon Dawkins

Finance & Commercial Awareness
Mo Harford - theGrogroup
  • Upbeat and engaging, Mo’s enthusiasm is infectious. Keynotes and solutions for Resilience, Motivation and Personal Impact are always well received
  • Highly rated for helping people to get the best from themselves and empowering them to take action
  • Internationally licensed NLP Master Business Practitioner
Tel: 0333 7722 061 mo@thegrogroup.com

Mo Harford

Personal Effectiveness and Coach