Transitioning to Trusted Adviser

The idea that technical specialists in professional services firms need to transition into client advisers is nothing new, but taking those steps is more important now than ever.

Technological advancements, available free resources and changing client demands means that traditional roles and services are being disrupted. A real adviser truly makes clients the focal point, building a deeper understanding of their worlds, wants and needs and is able to guide and influence them along their journeys through a position of trust.

Our solutions have been implemented from top 10 and silver circle firms to those smaller regional firms that want to grow and demonstrate expertise.

These solutions help professionals understand what clients need from an adviser and support that transition with valuable tools, skills and behaviours which will have impact. It is led by experts, many of whom have been in professional services themselves and are uniquely qualified to help delegates have the confidence and mindset to be more effective.

Typically we cover:

  • What makes an effective adviser
  • Creating an adviser ‘mindset’
  • Developing the consulting approach, asking questions without knowing answers
  • Understanding clients and their worlds
  • Effective Business conversations and client coaching
  • Understanding your value proposition
  • Maximising personal impact and confidence
  • Building trusting relationships
  • Creating a valuable adviser network
  • Assertiveness and ’backbone’
  • Being a critical friend
  • Creating client action plans


It is not uncommon for experienced fee earners (Partners, Associates and Managers) to uncover new opportunities and develop more strategic client relationships as a result.

“It’s strange how you think you know your clients business really well and then you realise you only see it from a narrow perspective of your own service line. Once I overcame the confidence issue I was able to broaden and deepen conversations with my key clients and really add value by helping them with their challenges…”

“A brilliant experience which delivered so much. I was able to put the tools to immediate use which helped me to have more effective client conversations and build my confidence in developing an adviser mindset. Highly recommended”

Senior manager – Midlands accounting firm

“I took part in the Grogroup’s Trusted Adviser process recently and I can highly recommend it. It really made me think about what we do, how we do it and how we direct this to help the client and give them fantastic service. Thank you!”

Manager, Outsourcing team – Midlands accounting firm

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