A medium sized accounting firm was achieving solid results but wanted to develop a more client centric culture to drive improved client service and greater fee opportunities. They identified that a key component of embedding this change successfully was enabling their technical specialists to transition into client advisers.


We ran our Trusted Adviser solution for several cohorts of professionals from manager through to director with delegate groups mixed across the firm’s service disciplines. The resources, case studies, stories and client lists were specifically created or adapted in partnership with the firm and were live opportunities. The process was sponsored and owned by the Senior Partner team which demonstrated that it was a key business change investment, instead of a stand alone programme.

The Trusted Adviser solution covered:

  • Creating an adviser mindset
  • Building trusting and trusted client relationships
  • Developing an adviser network
  • Gaining a deep understanding of clients and prospects – their worlds, their wider business and personal challenges and needs
  • Having better and deeper business conversations and recording them
  • Being confidently curious
  • Understanding the firm’s complete service offering and which problems and challenges these solve for clients and prospects
  • The importance of social learning, collaboration and cross service line working
  • Being with clients, not just being there for them

The collaboration sessions were energetic and interactive, involving teams working on real clients and real prospects, preparing for and attending mock meetings and creating personal action plans for follow up with clients and prospects.


  • A significant shift in behaviour and mindsets resulting in closer internal and external relationships
  • Client and prospect meetings generated and valuable new fee opportunities created
  • Helped to develop a culture of collaboration through the adoption of cross service line ‘show and tell’ meetings to discuss client and prospect issues and approaches
  • Significantly increased confidence in client facing situations amongst the professional teams
  • Engagement survey feedback recorded ‘increased sense of one firm’ and pride in the clear focus on clients

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