Creating a sector approach

Modern buyers of professional services are looking for firms with sector expertise:

  • 40% of all professional services buyers have a sector specialism in their top 3 buying criteria
  • 67% of professional services buyers want to work with someone who has a deep understanding of both their marketplace and their business

It is vitally important for your firm to have a coordinated and focused approach to client sectors so that prospects and clients find it easy to see how much you are invested in their sector.

This series of interventions helps teams and individuals develop a real sector focus and create an exciting sector proposition. This can help position your firm as the ‘firm of choice’ in that sector, through understanding the wants and needs of clients, building on existing strengths and expertise and developing a clear brand strategy.

The solution is normally delivered over three stages

  1. Pre event: Definition of purpose and outcomes
  2. Facilitated group collaboration session
  3. Execution: Clear plan, personal objectives, plotting milestones

It delivers the following:

  • Identifying right-fit sectors – either existing or new
  • Creating a clear identity
  • Clarifying the offer
  • Exploring options to build profile
  • Developing a ‘go-to-market’ approach
  • Tailoring clear sector and market messages
  • Building effective internal and external communications
  • Develop an inspirational and focused brand

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