Pitching to win

In a competitive marketplace, pitching has always been an essential skill for professionals involved in front-line Business Development, yet so few actually spend time in developing and adapting their approach.

Success is about practice, practice, practice (with plenty of feedback)

Best results are usually delivered ahead of a live external pitch so that we can help you to:

  • Craft what you believe are your key sales messages (if not exactly a USP)
  • Reinforce these with evidence
  • Work as a team
  • Evaluate your performance and identify areas for improvement (everything is filmed)
  • Reshape messages so they focus on client areas of concern

This intervention will challenge delegates to re-evaluate pitching. Learn how to structure a pitch simply so that key selling messages are not lost but are front and centre and clearly articulated. Discover how you can influence the audience through positive communication and displaying confidence.

Prospects base their choice of adviser on the chemistry, understanding of needs and quality of solutions demonstrated in both formal and informal pitching. We challenge each team with some simple questions:

What actually sets you apart from the next, credible, firm?
How satisfied are you with the ‘hit-rate’ of clients won from competitive pitches?
Why do you lose at the pitch stage? Why do you win?

Our solutions are designed to help you win more work by supporting delegates in:

  • Understanding what prospective clients want and need to see, hear and feel
  • Recognising buying motivations
  • Delivering a pitch focused on the prospect and their needs
  • Structuring a pitch to stand out from the crowd and be memorable
  • Building confidence in the value that can be provided to the prospect and the mind-set to win – often.

Client feedback

“I have always been comfortable pitching but this helped us work as a team to focus on building winning pitch structures and building the skills and confidence of those pitching…”

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