Negotiation skills

Our solution cuts through the mysterious art of negotiation and gives you a solid framework as to how to get your best deal in any situation.

Negotiation takes many forms:

  • With employees
  • With suppliers
  • With and within teams
  • With stakeholders
  • With clients and customers

Once we understand the need we focus on ensuring that you improve your outcomes and results.

We help delegates with the following:


  • Understanding the fundamentals of negotiation
  • Understanding the structure of negotiations and leverage it to achieve their desired outcomes
  • Creating extra value in deals to develop mutually beneficial win-win solutions.
  • Achieving sustainable solutions in such a way that it improves the relationship with their negotiation counterparty
  • Building confidence in building rapport
  • Developing effective interpersonal and communication skills to support your negotiation techniques
  • Recognising difficult negotiators and have strategies for dealing with them effectively
  • Viewing negotiations as problems to be solved collaboratively
  • Being able to close the deal, and be confident that it will be implemented as agreed.

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