Generating more profits from existing clients

It’s an old adage that the 'easiest way to grow a firm is through existing clients'.

How successfully are you implementing your Business Development ideas to maximise fee growth?

This solution offers your fee earners a way to easily change and widen the dynamics of their client relationships and be confident in having deeper business conversations about topics like strategy, people and growth. They will learn how to spot ‘hooks’ and be confident in asking more penetrating questions and creating solutions to solve client challenges. They will gain an understanding of Key Account Management and the importance of developing close partnering relationships.

It will challenge delegates to drive fee growth through their portfolios and will:

  • Improve the quality of client conversations
  • Multiply the number of extension work leads through a proactive approach
  • Help develop strategies to improve client service
  • Enable fee-earners to negotiate effectively and profitably

Feedback from previous partners, managers and associates:

I thought I understood my clients, their challenges and what we could offer but having taken part in this process I realise how many solutions I have never considered because of the limits I placed on my conversations…

As a result of the programme I am more confident in negotiating profitable fees in line with the value that we offer because we do provide such a good service and yet previously I have not billed for the most important part of my work.

It has helped me to change my mindset and hence my client relationships by developing my network and referrer base and building my strategic outlook.

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