Leadership programmes that deliver real results.

At theGrogroup, our leadership development programmes help your team to achieve measurable outcomes including:

  • Enhanced leadership and team management – Becoming more skilled at setting direction, motivating, developing and coaching team members. Fostering talent.
  • Increased communication impact – Improving the ability to express ideas clearly. Using influence techniques effectively. Building assertiveness and confidence.
  • Excellence in external presentations and client interactions – Developing skills to present confidently, engage clients and handle questions/objections. Enhancing credibility.
  • Improved productivity and prioritisation – Building capabilities to plan intelligently, manage time effectively and deliver on multiple priorities. Enhancing focus.

This will lead to:

  • Sharpened strategic thinking and execution of strategic priorities.
  • Increased team engagement, motivation and performance.
  • Enhanced communication skills, influence and overall impact.
  • Improved resilience, productivity and management of multiple priorities.
  • Stronger client relationships and commercial results.
  • Smooth transition of high potentials into senior leadership roles.
  • Embedding of collaborative, high-performance leadership cultures.

What programmes do we provide?

Partner and Director Leadership Programmes

At senior levels, our programmes develop strategic leadership capabilities including:

  • Strategic thinking – Analysing internal and external environments. Clarifying organisational purpose and direction. Defining strategic priorities with clarity.
  • Organisational alignment – Communicating strategic vision. Structuring the organisation effectively. Planning and managing resources to drive strategy execution.
  • Leading others – Enhancing team leadership and talent management skills. Building coaching cultures. Managing performance.
  • Personal leadership – Building self-awareness. Improving emotional intelligence and influence. Maintaining resilience through change.

Find out more about our Partner and Director Leadership Programmes here.

Management Development Programmes

Our management programmes develop the core capabilities managers need to lead high-performing teams and deliver results in fast-paced environments. Key themes include:

  • Communication skills – Enhancing impact and credibility when presenting, influencing and negotiating with others. Improving active listening, persuasion, and conflict management.
  • Performance management – Setting clear objectives, providing effective feedback and coaching, developing talent, and managing underperformance.
  • Prioritisation and workload management – Improving planning and personal productivity to deliver on multiple priorities. Enhancing delegation skills, and time/stress management.
  • Decision-making and problem-solving – Applying techniques to make sound judgements under pressure. Solving problems creatively through analysis, brainstorming and testing solutions.
  • Team leadership – Motivating and inspiring teams. Fostering collaboration. Managing change initiatives effectively.

Find out more about our Management Development Programmes here.

Emerging Leader Programmes

Preparing talented individuals to transition into senior roles is key for organisational sustainability. Our emerging leader programmes develop:

  • Strategic acumen – Understanding key drivers of organisational performance. Making decisions aligned with strategic goals.
  • Commercial thinking – Applying financial, commercial and client knowledge to decisions. Identifying new opportunities.
  • Change leadership – Leading team and process change initiatives. Securing engagement and managing resistance.
  • Self-awareness – Leveraging personal strengths more effectively. Mitigating development areas.

Aspiring Women Leaders Programme

We have designed a transformative programme for like-minded women to address the challenge that many firms face in recruiting and retaining female staff at senior levels. Our award-winning Aspiring Women Leaders programme is targeted at aspiring women leaders to:

  • Build confidence.
  • Leverage their strengths.
  • Seize opportunities for professional advancement.

The programme offers self-paced video learning, peer discussion groups, and 1:1 coaching to suit different needs. Over the course of the programme, women focus on reconnecting with their ambition, making decisions aligned with their values, taking action with confidence, and creating a nourishing environment to achieve results. The outcomes include greater engagement, retention and promotion of female leaders who feel equipped to succeed and lead with self-belief.

Find out more about our Aspiring Women Leaders programme here.

Through our Director and Associate team, we have also created tailored solutions for clients covering: 

How do we do this?

We take a highly customised approach to designing leadership interventions, working closely with each client to understand their specific organisational context, leadership challenges and development needs. We use a four-step approach; NeedEnable Lock-inMeasure to create tailored programmes that equip leaders with the critical skills, mindsets and behaviours to drive both individual and organisational success.

Our expert facilitators have themselves led teams and firms, providing credibility and enabling them to deliver practical learning. And we place a strong emphasis on measurable outcomes – supporting participants to adopt learnings into their real leadership behaviours and actions.

We help clients to find effective and impactful leadership and management solutions that deliver real results. This is our four-step approach to how we develop, implement, and measure the success of our programmes:

Want to find out more?

Get in touch by email here or phone Kate Hennig on 0333 7722 061 to discuss your leadership development requirements. We look forward to exploring how we can help your leaders acquire the skills and mindsets to drive high performance.

We also offer a wide range of Resources & Tools to help individuals and organisations drive improved performance.

The Gro: Leadership framework underpins the design of client specific solutions to leadership development.

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