The Advance Programme: We build confidence

ADVANCE reconnects women with their Ambition – their strong desire to achieve, enabling Decisions that honour their Values, and lead to focused Action.  All of this in a Nourishing environment which balances challenge with support, building Confidence and releasing Energy to achieve professional and personal results.

Advance is a unique leadership development programme focusing on building confidence, and designed specifically for women. Women in professional services are highly intelligent, capable and focused, so this programme is far less about teaching women what leadership is, and far more about helping them paint a clearer picture of the woman they wish to “become” and supporting them to take practical action to realise this at work.

The result:  Women will lead naturally with more confidence and clarity, and the self belief that they can succeed in the organisation. 

  • Run by women for women
  • Inspirational guest speakers
  • Learning at your convenience
  • Transformational tools & techniques
  • Weekly support & coaching
  • Built-in accountability & agency
  • Life-long membership and access to resources
  • Future focussed female family

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