Award-winning Advance for Aspiring Women Leaders programme

Award-winning Advance for Aspiring Women Leaders programme

By Kielan Tayler

theGrogroup proudly announces the remarkable success of its Advance programme in empowering Aspiring Women Leaders in professional services.

The International Accounting Forum & Awards 2023 recognised Nexia International by presenting the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative of the Year Award to the Aspiring Women Leaders programme. This recognition highlights the exceptional impact of the Advance programme in addressing the specific challenges that women face when seeking to progress to senior leadership roles within professional services firms.

The Advance programme for Aspiring Women Leaders was developed in response to the pressing need expressed by theGrogroup’s professional services clients to cultivate confidence among their junior female leaders and foster their advancement to more senior positions. Programme Director Kielan Tayler, Paul Richmond, and Alastair McTavish from Nexia International (Inset photo: Alastair McTavish and the Nexia team) worked hard to put the programme together and this award endorses all the positive feedback received from the programme attendees so far. Advance takes a unique approach by not focusing on teaching leadership skills, which remain consistent regardless of gender, but rather on addressing the common challenges identified through valuable feedback from clients and individuals.

“We are thrilled to see the tremendous impact that the Advance programme has already made in empowering aspiring women leaders,” said Kielan Tayler, Advance Programme Director at theGrogroup. “This prestigious award serves as a testament to the programme’s effectiveness and relevance in equipping women with the essential behavioural skills and confidence needed to excel in their careers.”

The Advance programme encompasses a comprehensive range of topics, including inner strategies, outer strategies, harnessing individual brilliance, saboteur handling, and executive presence. Each module is meticulously designed to provide actionable insights and practical techniques that participants can immediately apply in the workplace. By fostering confidence and enhancing behavioural skills, Advance empowers women to leverage their unique strengths for career advancement.

To ensure a personalised and impactful learning experience, Advance is supported by a dedicated global team of experienced coaches who engage with participants virtually. These expert coaches provide a balanced approach, challenging, nurturing, and supporting each woman, enabling them to unlock their full potential throughout their Advance journey.

theGrogroup remains committed to creating lasting change by equipping aspiring women leaders with the tools they need to succeed. With the recognition received at The International Accounting Forum & Awards 2023, the impact and effectiveness of the Advance programme in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace have been acknowledged on a global stage.

Find out more about the Advance programme or how we can support the advancement of aspiring women leaders within your firm here, or contact our Advance Programme Director Kielan Tayler here.

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