Conferences and Key Note Speaking

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  • Do you want to plan an engaging event?
  • Want to avoid a series of dull presentations?
  • Need to ensure all the actions are followed up?
  • We have been delivering keynote addresses for over ten years, see below for our top three

“…the best conference I have been to. For the first time I have actually met new people in the firm and understand what our different service lines do for our clients…”

Associate, Top 50 law firm

Learn how to run strategic away days that deliver tangible results

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Paul Richmond has been delivering keynote addresses for over ten years – engaging, upbeat and connected to the audience at the event. He covers three main areas that prove to be of interest to accountants and lawyers alike:



  • What makes a great adviser?
  • Why can’t lawyers and accountants all help clients drive their businesses?

This engaging session looks at some of the reasons behind the way so many professionals approach their client relationships and what you can do to ensure you are seen as something more than a solid, honest, available, professional. What sets some people apart is their ability to be curious. What makes your business tick? Why did you go into this in the first place? What made you want to buy it? What are the biggest issues? How do you deal with staff turnover? What’s the next IT challenge? What keeps you awake at night?

A great list of questions to ask is not enough – though it is a takeaway. It’s a state of mind.

Learn how to access that part of your brain with some fascinating visuals and case studies around professional services.


Firm Principles – Winning Guidelines for Professional Service Firms

The Firm Principles book is a guide for current and aspiring partners who want to drive successful firms. Paul brings to life some of the key guidelines of the book in a memorable and engaging way, ensuring that the audience learn:

  • The 6 areas of focus to create a Winning Firm
  • Why you need a burning platform for change in our industry
  • Why your people need to join the dots…
  • Business Development and the magic square

The session varies between deliveries to focus on the specific areas that you feel are most likely to resonate with your firm’s current level of development and growth aspiration. With relevant examples and case studies throughout, Paul’s light hearted but honest approach to the issues make it possible for people to understand just what they must do to effect change.


Business Development and Finding Solutions for Clients

We are often asked – do you do anything on sales? Well, yes – but what are you selling?

That’s how we typically begin working with any client on increasing growth and fees. And in every single case the answer is … “well I can tell you all about my department”. And therein lies the problem. People are now so specialised that they rarely have the breadth of network to know and trust what others do in their organisation.

This session will begin to address that. During the one hour interactive session you will:

  • Understand the breadth of work you do for clients
  • Learn about some new clients you didn’t know you had
  • See how many different service lines you have in your organisation
  • Get to play Network Bingo!
  • Be challenged to meet colleagues to learn more about what they do, their key clients
  • Offer someone a chance of some work

How can we be so sure? Because we have worked with teams of lawyers and accountants in national and regional firms and in every single case people arrived without the essential knowledge to build their client base and left with a series of specific actions to drive the top and bottom lines.


Whether you need a motivational speaker with 20 years of experience of working in Professional Services or want to ensure that your event sets the tone for the year ahead then call us on 01892 610060 or email

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