Board Offsite and Team Away Days

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  • Irritated by endless flip charts where nothing gets done?
  • Have previous offsite away days been a talking shop with no action?
  • Want an offsite away day that will make a difference?
  • Need teams to agree and implement action plans that clarify strategy and focus the business effectively?

“…Our offsite was much better this year. We had time to understand where we want the business to go. Being challenged about direction was healthy. …”

Partner, Top 50 accounting firm

Learn how to run strategic away days that deliver tangible results

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We have worked with professional services firms for over 20 years and been involved in running successful conferences and away days as both speakers and as organisers. In total we have brought more than 20,000 people together.

Our vast experience in helping boards and senior teams focus their attention on the business rather than being in the business mean that the conferences and away days we organise motivate teams, increase efficiencies and improve financial performance.

We ensure there are clear objectives and opportunities to challenge thinking.  We facilitate each session so that you and your team can engage fully in all the discussions safe in the knowledge that we will keep people focused without you needing to ensure outcomes are being achieved within the time allowed.

We can help you:

  • Create a clear and compelling vision
  • Challenge your senior team to think more broadly and ‘step up’
  • Manage and plan the event to ensure outcomes are actionable and followed up
  • Create an environment in which participants feel they can address the ‘Elephants in the room’

If you are planning an offsite strategy away day or company conference and want to shake it up a little, or want to use an external facilitator to achieve better results – talk to us and call Paul on 01892 610060 or email

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