Digital age accounting conference facilitator

Digital age accounting conference facilitator

theGrogroup Managing Director, Paul Richmond has been invited, along with other respected figures from within the Accountancy industry to chair an exciting panel discussion and be a guest speaker and accounting conference facilitator at this year’s Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference 2017.


A change in attitude has taken place within Accountancy practices in the last few years due to the continuing advances in digital technology. This is not only changing the way practices run internally, but IT is changing the way clients interact with their advisers and HMRC.  Technology is now playing a major role in how daily tasks are carried out and this conference is focused on how IT must become an integral part of a firms’ overall growth strategy.


The Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference is a free-to-attend, invitation-only event for Partners and Heads of IT in UK mid-market accountancy firms. The agenda is focused exclusively on how technology and innovation can increase output, drive efficiency and improve the client experience.


Historically, the accounting firms’ management team and IT function have worked in silos with very little collaboration or long term strategic planning that encompasses the needs of clients, internal users and third party IT systems. Each set of user requirements has traditionally been considered independently.


In a fast-moving world, the conference is designed to educate accounting practices on how best to integrate the thought processes of their senior management team and their Heads of IT, to ensure that forward thinking businesses take an early advantage in successfully managing  digital transformation and the transition away from traditional methods.


With over 30 years of experience working with Accountancy firms across the globe, Paul will be facilitating a workshop dedicated to helping Managing Partners discuss strategies that will help firms survive and grow. Topics that will be discussed during his session include:


  • defining your brand
  • how technology can add value
  • how to retain and attract talent, and
  • which investments lead to greater profitability.


Paul is an experienced accounting conference facilitator, commenting, he said, “There is no doubt that technology has impacted our society, but only in the last few years have we started to see it play a key role in the success of Accountancy firms. Now that HMRC has decided to go digital and move towards the mandatory filing of accounts and tax returns via their on-line platforms, a robust IT strategy has to form part of the overall strategic plan. Many firms have already designed Apps that reduce their own chargeable hours but give clients the same control over finances, allowing advisors to do just that, provide good advice. This is clearly an exciting time, and it is a pleasure to be invited on behalf of theGrogroup, to help professional services firms transition into this digital age of thinking.


Held in association with the ICAEW, the conference will be held on the 28th & 29th March, and will take place at The Oxford Belfry Hotel in Oxfordshire. If you would like to apply for a place, please visit