Conference Facilitation For The Metropolitan Police Service

Conference Facilitation For The Metropolitan Police Service

Paul Richmond and a team from theGroGroup,have recently spent seven weeks helping with conference facilitation at a series of events for The Metropolitan Police Service.


The project involved almost 6,000 police officers and staff with the objective of ensuring each individual fully understood the vision for 2020 and the many changes that are happening within policing.


Hosted by Assistant Commissioner’s Helen King and Martin Hewitt, discussions also focused on the how the service can be more effective and use its valuable resources to tackle specific ‘modern’ crimes such as cyber fraud, racial issues, and drug and people trafficking.


Most frequently the best ideas come from within an organisation and this was no exception. The workshops enabled a two way communication process with officers and staff with first hand experience and knowledge of the issues being able to make suggestions through an online portal created specifically for the event. This enables the ideas to be captured and actioned following the series of meetings and to be followed up effectively that is invaluable to developing practical  solutions.

Paul Richmond, Managing Director of theGrogroup said, “Having worked with a number of large Public sectors and Professional services organisations we were delighted to have been selected to help a Metropolitan Police Service improve its performance through people engagement. The joint approach to a great series of events helped embed a shared vision to make lives safer and the individuals work effectively together putting their best ideas into practice.


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