• What is your strategy? How often do you revisit it? Is it validated against a rigorous assessment of your internal capabilities and external environment?
  • Will your strategy drive the firm to achieve its vision? Does it identify exactly what needs to happen to be successful?
  • Is your strategy understood throughout the firm, embedded and aligned with behaviour and performance?
  • Does your organisational structure avoid silo working and facilitate a high performance client culture?

We work with a broad range of professional services firms from national firms down through regional organisations to strong and growing small practices. Few people have articulated a plan in sufficient detail that it can be followed by heads of department, let alone the senior teams within the firm.

We work with the executive team to refine their understanding of what the strategic plan must do to enable them to manage growth effectively. It's tough work but at the end of the process the firm has a well articulated plan, communicated to all, that enables execution of that strategy to be managed effectively.

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Strategic Board Programme

theGrogroup Board programme maximises the performance of the senior team in leading the firm, by developing a high performing senior team and ensuring they create and embed an executable strategic plan


Rather than talking at people and hoping some of it sinks in, we can help you deliver effective and meaningful events that maximise engagement and enables participation to produce measurable results

Post Merger & Acquisition Integration

If your firm has been through a merger or carried out an acquisition it is key that you can achieve alignment in all the parts of the new firm. Break down silos in a newly merged firm and provide clients with great service

Board Offsite Team Away Day

With 20 years experience with Professional Services firms we can provide your team with a breadth of challenges that will engage your team and deliver the results that you want. Fed up with it being a talking shop that generates 100 flipcharts and no action? Talk to us

Main Board offsite

Building a strong team at the top is of paramount importance. Using a facilitator will enable you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Avoid the traps of coming back from an offsite with reams of paper and flipcharts. Focus on what will give the greatest value to your business and ensure that participants know exactly what they need to deliver as soon as they’re back in the workplace. Sometimes its about what you agree NOT to do that makes the biggest difference.

We have provided a number of different solutions to our clients ranging from:

• 360 reviews of the main board
• Building trust with new team members
• Identifying the key elements of course strategy to be developed
• Identifying which projects should not be taken forward, to enable resources to be pushed at those with the greatest value

Strategy case study

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Strategy Review with the Board of a PSF

A regional PSF business had grown, and performance of the business was varied. New people had joined and there comes a critical point in maturity of the business where profitability and business direction is unknown and profitability suffers. We worked with the Board to address this challenge....

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