Firm Principles Out Now! – how to manage Professional Services Firms successfully

Firm Principles Out Now! – how to manage Professional Services Firms successfully

The firm Principles Book by theGrogroup, is set to challenge the way professional services firms approach all aspects of planning, management and communications to create a winning firm.


Written by Nottingham born author, Alex Shacklock, a Director of theGrogroup, the new book, entitled ‘The Firm Principles’ describes the ten principles behind a ‘winning’ firm.


Alex is a qualified accountant and has spent the last 20 years working for and with professional services firms. He has used this insight to deliver an action orientated book in which the first principle challenges the reader to be a leader, and the person to take the first step towards breaking down the barriers that are holding firms back.


Designed to be practical, as well as short and snappy, the ‘The Firm Principles’ is aimed at the professional services marketplace, but the exercises, tools and frameworks to encourage thought will challenge all business leaders to rethink their approach to strategic planning, leadership and business management.


Written on the premise that a winning firm NEEDS to be a few steps ahead, the book addresses the issues, barriers, frustrations and challenges that are common across the sector and is full of real life examples and powerful anecdotes from business leaders and guru’s – all of which make perfect sense, yet are meaningless if action plans are not successfully executed.


Commenting on his rationale for writing the book, Alex said, “I realised that when theGrogroup spoke to senior management, many of the challenges that they were facing were consistent and there was a realisation that change needed to happen in order to achieve their ambitions for their firms. The problem is that many firms have been reasonably successful for many years, that means there is a lack of urgency to implement change. The danger is that dangling the anchor when the tide of change is shifting substantially means being left… well… behind!”


Alex believes that being brave and willing to be the leader that puts their head above the parapet to fight for change is the most important action of all. Even though most firms know that they need to change (and many know what they need to do, without the benefit of this book) many are waiting to do it, waiting for that crisis, for the ‘now we have to’ moment.


Prior to publishing, the draft book was reviewed by a number of senior lawyers, accountants and marketers in well known firms. Their view was unanimous. “The Firm Principles is more than a book. It’s a change programme, a practical guide, underpinned by principles and a process, with exercises, tools and frameworks that provide focus and discipline to help leaders create more successful businesses.”


Richard Chaplin, Founder & Chief Executive, The Managing Partners’ Forum “An ability to deploy a constantly shifting blend of management, leadership and service delivery skills in a team-based environment is essential for most advisers. The ten principles championed in this excellent book make it all sound straight forward, but putting them into effect is no easy task. Whatever your firm and the stage that you have reached in your career, the book’s engaging style with its short paragraphs, frequent quotes, fun images and multiple worksheets should help you to join the dots and plan for an uncertain future in a way that is both practical and results oriented.”


Jane Parry, Managing Partner, PM+M Chartered Accountants “A book that avoids a lot of the repetition that you sometimes get in similar texts, it is practical, punchy and thought-provoking – a great tool-kit for firms who genuinely want to succeed.”


Simon Slater, Chief Executive Officer
, Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP “A must for all professional service firm leaders wishing to create a more progressive, agile and enlightened business – a more focused, cohesive, dynamic environment in which people can be the best version of themselves. In short, a book for all those who envisage a “bigger, better mountain” and want to future-proof their firms.”


If you want to discover the potential within your firm for meeting the challenges of the next decade then buying this book is an absolute must. You owe it to your firm and your fellow partners.


The book can be purchased in hardcopy for £59.99 by contacting