Meet our team

An experienced and expert team of performance consultants

Our Director team have all worked in professional service firms in both fee earning and talent development roles, and have extensive experience of working as part of a business.

Our team of consultants are experts in their specialist subject areas, and have worked for a range of businesses in both the public and private sector.

  • Specialises in management development and coaching
  • Uses her Insights experience to facilitate communication interventions with a variety of teams
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Elizabeth Shelley

Learning and Organisational Development Consultant
  • After a career in the RAF, ending as a battle commander running complex operations, Ian is an exemplary coach and facilitator, expert in building strong teams
  • Qualified in a range of psychometrics Ian is expert in identifying the correct route to realise their potential
  • Blends extensive knowledge and real-life experience to generate practical, client-centric solutions
Tel: 01892 610060

Ian Kirkby

Leadership, Team and Organisational Development Consultant
  • Rachel works as a trainer, group facilitator and psychotherapist
  • Rachel is a highly effective transformational coach, drawing on her extensive experience with athletes to inform her work as a coach
  • Clients have found her approach to be very effective, in resolving challenges and conflict and in enabling them to achieve an enduring high quality of performance
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Rachel Cutler

Executive Coach and Counsellor
  • Audrey has over 30 years experience as an educator and school leader. She is an accredited transformative coach specialising in resilient leadership
  • Audrey draws on her lived experiences in understanding the challenges of promotion as a black woman in a predominantly white, male space to support and inspire women in the workplace
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Audrey Pantelis

Executive Coach
  • Facilitates at Board level helping develop strategy and risk mitigation plans
  • Specialist in start-ups and go to market sales and marketing strategies having worked with over 70 different organisations taking them through a 7 step marketing process
  • Qualified to deliver Emotional Intelligence psychometric, he is a sought after coach
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Mark Carrington

Strategy Consultant and Coach
  • An experienced, ICF accredited coach, Nicola works with professionals at all levels who are aspiring for promotion, transitioning themselves into a new role or organisation, or experiencing change professionally and personally
  • Clients praise Nicola’s ability to create an environment to think, problem solve and explore new approaches.
  • Nicola’s intuitive approach to coaching allows her to challenge her clients in a supportive manner enabling the change they are aspiring to

Nicola McGuire

Executive coach and Consultant
  • Jo provides professional services firms with psychometric profiling and pre interview vetting for senior candidates, reducing the risk of poor appointments.
  • Trained in a variety of psychometrics, Jo consults with firms and advises on how to identify a reliable format and process for promotion and lateral hire
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Jo Larkam

Chartered Psychologist
  • Having run his own successful accountancy practice, Naeem delivers some of our finance training to non-finance managers
  • When it comes to finance, he understands that not everyone shares the same passion and enthusiasm for looking at the numbers (and spreadsheets)!
  • Naeem is able to explain difficult financial concepts in plain English and has a  fun and engaging delivery style
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Naeem Anwar

Finance and Commercial Awareness
  • Over 15 years experience in the HR and employee training across a range of companies providing HR support and specialist employee training to the highest level
  • Jacqui combines total professionalism with a warm, friendly and collaborative approach
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Jacqui Falvey

Learning and Organisational Development Consultant