Meet our team

An experienced and expert team of performance consultants

Our Director team have all worked in professional service firms in both fee earning and talent development roles, and have extensive experience of working as part of a business.

Our team of consultants are experts in their specialist subject areas, and have worked for a range of businesses in both the public and private sector.

  • Rachel works as a trainer, group facilitator and psychotherapist
  • Rachel is a highly effective transformational coach, drawing on her extensive experience with athletes to inform her work as a coach
  • Clients have found her approach to be very effective, in resolving challenges and conflict and in enabling them to achieve an enduring high quality of performance
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Rachel Cutler

Executive Coach and Counsellor
  • After a career in the RAF, ending as a battle commander running complex operations, Ian is an exemplary coach and facilitator, expert in building strong teams
  • Qualified in a range of psychometrics Ian is expert in identifying the correct route to realise their potential
  • Blends extensive knowledge and real-life experience to generate practical, client-centric solutions
Tel: 01892 610060

Ian Kirkby

Leadership, Team and Organisational Development Consultant
  • Jo provides professional services firms with psychometric profiling and pre interview vetting for senior candidates, reducing the risk of poor appointments.
  • Trained in a variety of psychometrics, Jo consults with firms and advises on how to identify a reliable format and process for promotion and lateral hire
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Jo Larkam

Chartered Psychologist
  • A man who has partied with David Bowie, knows many of our comedy legends personally and has drawn cartoons that have been published globally
  • A regular feature and conferences and offsites where he captures the essence of an event in a cartoon – his wit is razor sharp and provides a lasting memory to embed messages
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Robert Duncan

  • A professional mediator and expert in group dynamics, Kielan creates connections and resolves conflict, coaching leaders and teams to reach their full potential.
  • Speaking fluent Russian, Kielan also trains international groups on effective communication.


Tel: 0333 7722 061

Kielan Tayler

Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach
  • Sales, marketing and business management specialist
  • Interview skills training is a focus
Tel: 0333 7722 061

Toks Kinoshi

Learning and Development Consultant