Our Team

An experienced and expert team of performance consultants

Our Director team have all worked in professional service firms in both fee earning and talent development roles, and have extensive experience of working as part of a business.

Our team of consultants are experts in their specialist subject areas, and have worked for a range of businesses in both the public and private sector.

  • Over 15 years experience in the HR and employee training across a range of companies providing HR support and specialist employee training to the highest level
  • Jacqui combines total professionalism with a warm, friendly and collaborative approach
Tel: 0333 7722 061 hello@thegrogroup.com

Jacqui Falvey

Learning and Organisational Development Consultant
  • Anjani has lead multi-cultural, multi-lingual HR teams in various industries and across continents. For Anjanbi, HR & Coaching have always gone hand-in-hand
  • Anjani is an executive coach, organisational effectiveness analyst & trainer, a busy mum and aspiring artist
  • Anjani believes that determination & attitude will take you places
Tel: 0333 7722 061 hello@thegrogroup.com

Anjani Gandhi

Executive Coach
  • A man who has partied with David Bowie, knows many of our comedy legends personally and has drawn cartoons that have been published globally
  • A regular feature and conferences and offsites where he captures the essence of an event in a cartoon – his wit is razor sharp and provides a lasting memory to embed messages
Tel: 0333 7722 061 hello@thegrogroup.com

Robert Duncan

  • Catherine is an expert in Change Management and communications having led several global transformational programmes at PwC and Total Oil
  • Passionate working style to support, inspire and challenge people to meet their goals
  • 20 years’ experience of working in big, fast moving, complex global organisations
Tel: 0333 7722 061 hello@thegrogroup.com

Catherine Bardwell

Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach

Delivering bespoke training solutions that build meaningful customer relationships and drive increased advocacy.

Helping teams to develop stronger relationships and have the conversations that are required to deliver organisational culture and performance.

Working with leaders to help them build engagement, bringing energy and collaboration to the teams they work with.

Tel: 0333 7722 061

Paul Terry

Executive Coach

Sarah Edwards

Senior Facilitator