Skills Workshops

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  • On top of tailored solutions we also offer a suite of core skills workshops
  • Our series of key commercial, management and behavioural skills workshops, last from a few hours to a full day – more if you wish!
  • Our approach to training and skills development is practical and fun as we feel this is one of the best ways to embed learning
  • We provide people with the tools and techniques to put into practice way beyond the time they spend with us

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Providing you with the skills and knowledge to design and deliver powerful and memorable presentations that are creatively tailored to meet the needs of your audience.

This course aims to help people maximise the return on the critical resource that is time. The challenge for everybody is to ensure that we prioritise the most important tasks to achieve our objectives.

This highly interactive and intensive one-day course will help you understand what Project Management is REALLY all about. Drawing on practical examples we’ll cut through the jargon and give you what you need to get started.

Enabling delegates to understand change and learn practical ways to maximise support and minimise resistance, sabotage or apathy towards their change efforts, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful result.

This course focuses in on the key subjects of self-awareness, awareness of others, communication essentials and behaviour styles as a means to gaining a deeper understanding of how you can have greater personal impact at work.

This course is for anyone with line management responsibilities, who wants to improve the feedback and objective setting process and thereby improve their ability to manage people and performance within an organisation.

This interactive course will provide you with key knowledge about how you can best align your teams with the organisation, how to maximise the collective strengths of your team and how to improve communication.

Have you ever attended a meeting and felt you wasted your valuable time? Then this course is for you - aimed at people who organise, run or attend meetings who are looking to make them more effective.

This course cuts through the mysterious arts of negotiation and give you a solid framework as to how to get your best deal in any situation. It will enable you to create win-win solutions and how to deal with the toughest of negotiators.

Removing the mystery from the world of finance. Delegates are taught how to understand and interpret financial statements and to practically apply key accounting concepts including profits and cash.

We offer two workshops: plain english where you can practise your own writing style with a focus on clear communication; and effective report writing, designed to help you write business reports that deliver maximum value.

This course will look at what is meant by continuous improvement and how some simple techniques will help us review processes and look for better ways of working.