How to develop client facing professionals into trusted advisers

How to develop client facing professionals into trusted advisers

In this fast paced and ever changing world, our accounting firms are telling us that feedback from their clients is that they feel in need of more support and advice than ever before. This surely creates a huge opportunity for professional advisers – if only the adviser was in touch at the right moment, able to spot the buying signals and confident enough to react if it is out of their area of expertise!


It can be lonely at the top for their owner managers and entrepreneurs. It is hard enough dealing with the day-to-day challenges ‘in the business’ as well as working ‘on the business’, developing the right strategy and making the right decisions to achieve success. This is why so many business owners and managers turn to their trusted adviser.


We know from experience of working with lawyers and accountants that developing professionals into trusted advisers is something that every firm struggles to do as fast and effectively as they want.


We believe that there is a great opportunity for professionals to build much stronger client relationships, to provide top level client service and to increase fee opportunities for firms, by becoming Trusted Advisers.


theGrogroup has worked with many talented professionals from a range of firms, who consistently deliver great work for clients.


When talking to them about their fears, we found that these professionals are comfortable understanding client needs and prescribing solutions within their own area of expertise, but struggle when the business conversation veers away from their area.


Imagine the value that these ‘technical specialists’ could create if they were able to understand more about the wider business challenges facing the client, talk more about the full service proposition of the firm and have the confidence to help the client take action.


Our unique Adviser Accelerator™ programme is designed to bridge this gap. It is a mixture of knowledge, skills, behaviours and experiential learning based on a simple model above.



We work with our clients to ensure that every session is aligned with the firm so that the programme isn’t seen as a training course but a ‘real’ live experience.


Delegates work on real client scenarios, real client lists, learn and use real marketing information and build real internal networks.


Most importantly, they walk away with toolkits and processes to help them embed the learning, take action and deliver against their Adviser plan.



Our case study on a client who recently completed the programme describes how they have achieved a return on investment through creating a larger team of trusted advisers and this has also had a positive impact on:


  • Client loyalty and retention
  • Client service levels
  • Client referrals
  • Cross selling
  • Building internal referral relationships and breaking down silos
  • The firm’s brand and reputation
  • Fee’s and profitability


If you would like to learn more about how we can help your client facing staff be confident holding a better business conversation that uncovers the wider business challenges facing their clients in a way which also introduces your firms full service proposition rather than simply their own area of expertise – please get in touch or complete the enquiry form  – we can help!