Have you spotted theGrogroup pink piggy?

Have you spotted theGrogroup pink piggy?

theGrogroup has sent our piggy bank ‘Penny the Pink Piggy” on tour as part of our crusade to promote better financial awareness in law firms and work in progress management in accountancy firms.

She may be visiting a desk near you very soon!

thegrogroup pink piggy on crusade

How might “Penny” help your firm?

A leading professional services firm recently asked theGrogroup to help reduce its lock up by 20% and significantly transform the awareness and attitude of all fee earners to cash management.

We provided a series of solutions and used “Penny” as a focus to keep the conversations going across the firm and maintain pressure on reducing lockup following delivery of our solutions.

Yes, it’s designed to be tongue in cheek, but when fee earners have their total focus upon client matters, it’s a brief reminder that they are running a business. The result – a 20% reduction in lockup and it looks like a promising change in culture towards cash management.

The 12 cardinal sins and rules of profitability workshop demonstrates practical techniques to reduce lock up. It’s an intensive 3-hour session where participants pledge to improve the following for their firm:

  • Issue invoices more promptly, by the 20th of the month for corporate, non transactional work
  • Discuss fees when the project scope changes – every client, every time
  • Ask for payment on time – always
  • Negotiate payment terms at the beginning of the engagement – discuss them, always

By achieving the lock-up benchmark of 110 days, most firms can generate valuable millions in cash and this is what we help firms do. Just think how access to this amount of cash could this transform the future of your firm?

theGrogroup specialises in creating winning professional services firms and we’d like to help you access more cash to grow your business.

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Our client list is growing and includes professional services firms from all disciplines, including international firms like  Bird and Bird, regional practices like Thomson Snell and Passmore and those with national reach like Shakespeare Martineau.

We’d like to help you create a winning firm!

To encourage you to consider forming that relationship we have an offer: to share some of the key techniques for changing mindset and culture with up to 20 of your senior team for £2,950. At £150pp we can guarantee you will see results and their lock-up improve as a group.

Our offer is only available for a limited time, so please call me on 07800 617206 or email kate@thegrogroup.com to arrange your FREE no obligation meeting.