Are discounted fees, erratic billing and debtors days draining your profits?

Are discounted fees, erratic billing and debtors days draining your profits?

How much better would your financial performance become if everyone fully understood the impact of their business decisions and how they affected the bottom line?


The 5% fee discount, that half hour spent giving free advice, the overdue invoice left un-chased, and the constant failure to record and bill hours accurately – they all add up!


The Ready4Business simulation delivered by theGrogroup has proven to be highly successful in educating people of all levels that work in a professional services firm on how the impact of THEIR seemingly small decisions can make a HUGE difference to overall financial performance.


Some firms have invested in training to try to resolve these issues. Yet for many reasons, this training still fails to produce changes and fails to deliver a return on investment.


The Ready4Business simulation is very DIFFERENT. Every firm that has involved their staff in our simulation say that the performance of their firm improved and that those took part had a much better understanding of how a professional services firm operated.


The Ready4Business simulation can have an immediate impact your business performance.


Still not convinced? This case study explains how the practice manager of a growing and successful law firm increased profits by 20% by getting people to think more commercially about the decisions they make.


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