The Future of Offices & Cultures in Professional Firms

Paul Richmond recently spoke with Rob Brown on his weekly Accounting Influencers Podcast about “The Future of Offices & Cultures in Professional Firms”, key highlights included:

  • What actually happened to professional firms and their clients during the pandemic and what gives them hope for the future
  • How many professional firms have adapted to change and adversity, whilst others have been slow to react and complacent in their outlook
  • Why professional firms will NEVER be going back to the way things were. ‘Working Remotely’ is now an established practice
  • The challenges for professional firms as the future office has changed forever, including recruiting young talent and shaping culture
  • What office spaces might look like in in the future workplace with hybrid working practices
  • The $64k question: how firms will get people together once restrictions are all lifted and new ways of working are the norm
  • The dilemma of driving culture collaboration and intimacy when professional firms have a proportion of their people working remotely
  • What really reveals the culture of a professional firm, and how it becomes more difficult in a socially distanced working environment
  • Whether clients actually care about being face to face with their trusted advisors
  • The biggest reason why it’s so difficult to build trust and intimacy in virtual meetings versus face to face
  • What might change in the way professional firms choose and develop their future partners
  • What qualities professional firm leadership should be looking for in hiring and promoting their talent
  • What the learning and development function may look like in professional firms of the future, with virtual learning being here to stay!
  • Advice for accounting and legal professionals at all levels to come out of the pandemic bigger, faster and stronger.

Take a listen to the podcast here.

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