Strategic Board Programme

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  • A high impact board programme
  • A result of a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing Professional Services Firms
  • Based on many years of experience in the sector facilitating Senior teams and Boards

theGrogroup Board programme maximises the performance of the senior team in leading the firm. It does this in two ways:

1. Develops a high performing senior team by Improving team interactions, dynamics and interdependent relationships

2. Enables the senior team to create and embed an executable strategic plan, aligned with business performance and underpinned by a clear purpose, vision and values

“the thing is when people think about teams, team building and dynamics, most think it is ‘soft and fluffy’ stuff. It’s not. High performing teams have to be tough, sometimes brutal with the way they go about things. The focus has to be on a shared responsibility for performance and with that, there is no place to hide and no way to shirk the challenge.”

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High performing senior team development

We have a menu of options available to create more effective top team performance, where the information gleaned can be related directly to live business issues and opportunities to provide quick, practical application. These include:


  • Effective Senior Leadership Workshop – this highlights the common attributes of successful senior leaders and provides a framework for developing organisational health. Uses case studies based on real life situations to develop critical thinking.


  • Individual Total Strength Deployment Inventory (TSDI) – this captures individual motivations, priorities when in conflict/under stress and preferred behaviours. Individual results are then collated to provide a team-wide overview which shows team strengths, potential blind spots and likely areas of conflict.


  • The 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team assessment – this provides a benchmark of a team’s performance against the 5 behaviours common to high-performance teams (trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and focus on results). The workshop provides a framework for developing the team’s capabilities in each of these areas.


  • Belbin Team Roles assessment – this illustrates how individuals prefer to contribute in teams. Understanding preferred team roles facilitates effective allocation of tasks, improved engagement and better results.


  • Individual coaching and mentoring – facilitates tailored guidance and informs personal development plans.


Building an effective and executable strategy 

Our book, Firm Principles was written on the basis that a winning firm NEEDS to be a few steps ahead. It needs to be willing to raise the anchor and break with the past, and identify and execute change to be more successful in competitive market places.

This programme is very much a change programme. We offer a practical guide, underpinned by Principles and a process, with exercises, tools and frameworks to encourage thought, to challenge and to provide focus and discipline to help you create a more successful business.

Our board programme brings many of the principles to life through 4 full days over a 6 – 12 month period. With a dedicated client director and board coach, the programme is linked through action plans and reports provided after each module.

For more details, to enquire about the programme or arrange a meeting, please contact or call 01892 610060.



“We have always invested in senior team away days to spend time ‘on the business’ as opposed to in it, but for a variety of reasons, our ideas and decisions often had little impact. This programme gave us structure, discipline, expertise and real focus. The key learning point for us was aiming for less but doing it well, and spending time breaking down strategy into day to day actions has had a huge impact on engagement and performance. Highly recommended”
Senior Partner, mid size law firm

“It is difficult admitting that the team isn’t pulling together. We all knew it, but had never admitted it nor discussed it, yet we knew that we had to fix this before anything else as our firm needed real leadership. We were apprehensive when we signed up to the 5 Behaviours and TSDI workshops, and being honest I was suspicious of any kind of tool or team analysis. But the data captured enabled the facilitator to skilfully build open, honest and constructive conversation and debate around our issues and challenges. We walked out with clear plans and a renewed level of trust and sense of accountability which has been clearly noted throughout the firm”
Operations Director, Midlands Consulting firm.

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