Creating Business Advisers

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  • Are you breaking down silo’s and operating as one joined-up firm to maximise your value?
  • Do you understand the aspirations, challenges, worries and needs of all of your clients?
  • Are your client facing people ensuring that all options and choices are ‘on the table’ in front of clients?
  • Do you have teams of technical specialists, or wider thinking business advisers?

The secret of excellence in client service for professional services firms is ensuring that client facing teams are able to ‘walk in the shoes’ of clients and provide quality advice to address issues covering all aspects of their business and life. Yet professionals often struggle to become that trusted adviser, due to a variety of reasons.

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The Knowledge

It’s quite a magical moment when professionals fully realise just exactly what knowledge, skills, services, advice and client value is wrapped up in their firm. It can create energy and excitement – it’s like they just can’t wait to get out there, to talk to their clients, to introduce them to colleagues and to maximise their value to them. And the great thing is that this maximises their value to you.

We know just what potential there is in your firm. We also know that unlocking that commercial potential often seems just out of reach! Your people are great at doing..well what they do. They know it, they are busy with it and they become immersed in it. Sometimes just getting people together, cross discipline, talking about what they do and how they look at client situations and opportunities can create fantastic opportunities.

‘The Knowledge’ solution focuses on building absolute understanding of the full value proposition of your firm, your markets, your clients and ensuring that your people have the skills and confidence to have better client conversations and be more effective in their roles:-

  • By helping your people understand just what your business is all about! What does it do, what are its capabilities, what do all of your people do and where does it differ from its competitors?
  • More importantly –  focusing on the things that your people need to be talking to your clients about right now! What are the ‘hot-topics’ which would really add value to your clients?
  • By helping your people understand how their actions and behaviours contribute to your bottom line through business simulations.
  • By creating a culture of curiosity – people wanting to learn more, experience more and be more proactive in offering innovative ideas to help clients.

The Adviser Accelerator

Just what does it take to become a trusted adviser? That person who the client always turns to for support, drive, help and of course, advice.

A key aspect is the ability to build strong relationships by demonstrating just how much you care and how much you really ‘get’ them. This requires a thorough understanding of how businesses work, the strategy, the operations, the people, the finances and the systems – and of course an understanding of clients as ‘people’. And it requires the ability to be able to ask powerful, wide reaching questions and actively listen to gain that deep understanding.

A trusted adviser needs to be proactive in providing possible solutions, having real ‘backbone’ to advise on the tough stuff and to be able to look around corners.

The Adviser Accelerator is an intense, highly interactive and practical programme which, simultaneously helps you to really experience what life as a client is really like, whilst providing the key skills to enable you to build trusting relationships. And the confidence to be an effective adviser.

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Creating Business Advisers – the Adviser Accelerator

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