Winning Business through effective communication

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Like it or not, we are never not communicating. We are constantly consciously or unconsciously sending messages to others. For everyone it is important to ensure that we are sending the right messages, communicating effectively and maximising our impact on clients, contacts, referrers and teams.

And pitching for business? Remember the good old days? Before “Beauty Parades” and business pitches, when you could rely on your contacts and business track record to win work? This is one reason why a lot of professionals have had little or no training on how to make an effective pitch.

But the business landscape has changed, however, and many organisations now base much of the decision on hiring professional services firms on the pitching performance.

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Pitch Positive

With the right preparation, presenting your professional offering needn’t be difficult. However, we can sometimes get it wrong. We have observed professionals right up to partner level, making basic errors in their business pitches. And often, these errors are repeated and become habitual, as they are not highlighted in any feedback.

Pitch Positive is our structured programme designed to help you win more work.

Key aspects include:

  • What does it take to win?
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Succeeding as a team
  • Learning from success – and failure


Pitch Positive ensures that you deliver your message powerfully and memorably, it has helped professionals to significantly increase their chances of success.


Effective Communication

Our effective communication workshops provide delegates with a better understanding of their communication style (using our Communications software solution) and how to achieve better results in general communications with clients and colleagues. This includes a focus on language, non verbal communication, assertiveness and effective listening.


Personal Impact

Personal Impact and Brand is a big deal in the modern, competitive world. Perception is reality, so how much of a positive and memorable impact you have on others is vitally important.

This workshop will help anyone wanting to realise greater influence and success in relationships with colleagues and clients. This course look at self-awareness, our understanding of others, focus on positive behaviours and language and building trust.

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