Using 360 Feedback to Accelerate Performance

  • Would you like your key employees to improve performance?
  • Do you want this achieved cost-effectively?
  • Would you like this tailored specifically to your business needs?
  • Are your people self-aware? Do they know how others see them?

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What is 360 feedback?

A 360 feedback process is used by organisations to generate information from a variety of internal and external workplace sources on an employee’s work-related behaviour and performance.  This would usually include feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers and colleagues, and managers as well as a self-evaluation by the employee him or herself. It can also include, feedback from external sources who interact with the employee, such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.

In our experience, 360 feedback is a highly effective process to develop performance and to encourage change in attitude and behaviour. However, many of the tools available offer only a generic approach based on standard sets of feedback questions, linked to standard corporate competencies.

Our 360 tool is a bespoke solution allowing full tailoring of all aspects of the process and report. By focusing on the capabilities that are critical to the organisation’s strategy and the behaviours that fit with the business values, the individuals receive a report that is absolutely relevant to their role and career. And it includes an action plan to ensure that steps are taken to set goals, actions and measure them.

How can it be used?

Our 360 tool has been used in a variety of ways to help clients.

1.    As part of a Leadership or Management developmental programme

Obtaining specific feedback on Leadership or Management competencies at the start of the to a programme allows individuals to define clear objectives and outcomes.

And repeating the exercise at the end not only tracks progress made but is a tremendously effective way of measuring the Return on Investment of the development programme

2.    Coaching programmes

The 360 can be effectively used to devise an effective framework for individual or group coaching

3.    To help with promotion processes and promotion ‘onboarding’

The 360 tool can help individuals understand the ‘gaps’ between what is required in knowledge, skills and behaviours for their current position and the aspired new position – and form the basis of an action plan to ensure a successful transition.

4.    As a quick and easy developmental tool

When budgets are tight and time is precious, providing 360 reports for groups or individuals, followed by facilitation and coaching sessions can deliver very effective results.


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