Leadership Styles report

Leadership Styles report

In effective organisations, Leadership is not about formal titles. It doesn’t reside in a person or role, but is a collective process that is spread throughout teams and networks of people. It’s about getting things done with, and through, other people.

When you are a leader, you work with others to accomplish their goals and the objectives of the organisation. The pattern of behaviours you use with others, over time, as perceived by them, is often labelled as your Leadership style. Yet to be effective, a leader needs to be flexible to achieve the best possible results. This means having the willingness and ability to assess others’ current abilities and development needs in order to decide which leadership style is the most appropriate for the goal or task at hand.

There is no ‘best’ leadership style!

Our tool assesses the effectiveness of leaders against the following criteria:

  • Diagnosis—assessing development needs
  • Flexibility—using a variety of leadership styles comfortably
  • Partnering for Performance—reaching agreements with others about the leadership style they need

Please take a look at this sample leadership styles report