Thelma Hacker retires from theGrogroup

Thelma Hacker retires from theGrogroup

Thelma Hacker’s retirement marks an end of an era for theGrogroup after almost 20 years with us.

Thelma started with theGrogroup in 2003 as an administrative assistant, progressing to Client Manager over the years. Her key role has been to identify the key challenges our clients face and ascertain how best to help them and build those key relationships with clients. For many clients, Thelma has been the first person many clients have interacted with, and the professionalism, energy, warmth, patience, and organisation she has brought to the role and the firm over the years have been utterly unforgettable.

Thelma has been a lively and enthusiastic member of the team and has consistently delivered a high level of customer service.

We are so grateful for her dedication and support over the years. Thelma will be missed for all that she is and all that she did for the whole team at theGrogroup and for our clients.

This is what our team had to say about Thelma:

“Great fun to be with, work with, and chat to.”

“Bright. Thelma is sharp of mind, patient, and understanding, and kind. The very best kind of human.”

“Wonderfully warm, incredibly helpful, and very dedicated.”

“Everyone needs a Thelma or at least to channel your inner Thelma regularly – superb levels organisation with a smile and chuckle!”

“Effervescent, kind, cheerful, positive, always helpful, always smiling! A treasure!”

“Responsive, always prepared to go the extra mile, totally and utterly loyal.”


Words of thanks from some of the team to Thelma for her years of dedication to us and our clients over the past 20 years:

“Thank you, Thelma for all the support, patience, and help in making it easy to work with the Gro Group. You will be missed. Happy Retirement and loads and loads of love,” Mo.

“Thelma, a huge thank you for being part of my theGrogroup and welcoming me, and for providing such wonderful support. Wishing you every happiness in your retirement,” Steph.

“Thelma, thank you for more years of friendship and support than it is polite to remember! I am grateful more than words can say for all you have done for me over the years, and I will miss you hugely,” Allex.

“theGrogroup just won’t be the same without you, Thelmarino!! Thank you for being you!!!” Vince.


Paul, MD of theGrogroup said:

“Thelma, you have been the heart of our organisation for almost 20 years and there are clients and team members who regard you as a lynchpin within the organisation. You have been a loyal and effective member of the team who is going to be missed. I have certainly been fortunate you have worked with us for so long and I am grateful you never chose to jump ship as we have all benefitted from your sense of humour, laughter, and constant positivity all these years. Bless you and enjoy every minute of the next 20 years!”


We wish Thelma all the happiness and success for the next chapter of her life and for her much-deserved retirement.