theGrogroup partners with PKF International to launch the PKF Leadership Development Academy

We are delighted to announce the launch of the PKF Leadership Development Academy, a programme that will develop emerging leaders across the PKF International network.

PKF International is a global network of 220 independent professional services firms operating in 150 countries across five regions. The network’s member firms are legally independent but bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity, and the creation of clarity in a complex regulatory environment.

Together with PKF International’s CEO, Theo Vermaak, and his team, we have developed a programme that takes the network’s emerging talent on a six-month journey, giving them the knowledge, skills, resources, and tools, to support and develop their future managers.

The programme will provide PKF International’s emerging leaders with:

  • The tools to build a leadership mindset
  • The ability to resolve challenges quickly and effectively
  • The commercial acumen and awareness needed to build value for their firms
  • The skills, resources, and resilience to develop and grow PKF International into a strong future-ready network

The programme:

Leadership Development

The biggest influence on any organisation and its performance and culture is leadership. Yet most organisations promote managers into roles without developing them first, and they are expected to naturally ‘step up’ and lead teams.

As the international business landscape and working practices shift after the global pandemic, there is even more pressure on firms to manage their remote workforce, whilst still maintaining engagement, motivation, growth, and performance. Both existing and future leaders need ongoing support to navigate our changing world.

Our leadership programme provides the practical tools that future managers can use to develop confidence, grow their commercial awareness, and build a leadership mindset that will be necessary to positively influence individual and collective performance in the future.

Commenting on the PKF Leadership Development Academy PKF International’s CEO, Theo Vermaak, said, “There is already a wealth of emerging talent within our network. The idea behind the Leadership Development Academy is to harness this talent and equip our member firms’ future leaders with the tools they need to succeed. I am excited to work with theGrogroup and confident that the programme we have developed will provide the support, comradeship, and confidence people need to become future leaders.” Theo Vermaak, CEO, PKF International.


About theGrogroup

theGrogroup is a performance consultancy specialising in professional services firms to develop Leadership and Management, Business Development, Commercial, and Advisory skills that impact top and bottom-line performance.

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About PKF International

PKF International (PKF) is a global family of legally independent firms bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity, and the creation of clarity in a complex regulatory environment.

The network’s 220 member firms operate under the PKF brand in 150 countries across five regions. PKF has 20,000 professionals providing high quality audit, accounting, tax, and business advisory solutions.

The network is a member of the Forum of Firms, an organisation dedicated to consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

PKF International Limited administers the family of legally independent member firms and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inaction on the part of any individual member firm or firms.

To find out more visit their website here.