theGrogroup partners with Armadillo Support on the Launch of the Armadillo Academy

theGrogroup partners with Armadillo Support on the Launch of the Armadillo Academy

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Armadillo Academy – a partnership between Armadillo Support and theGrogroup which will enable member firms and teams to drive improved performance. By providing a framework of knowledge, skills, resources and tools, the Academy will support the development of managers and partners of the future.

We have launched with three key programmes to Armadillo members, which will help their people to deliver:

  • Profitable growth and stronger client relationships
  • Engaged, empowered and motivated teams
  • A more resilient and future proofed firm, through building reputation, brand and financial infrastructure which will enable partners to exit profitably


Business Development 

In a modern Professional Services Firm, everybody has to be responsible for developing business and growing the top line profitably.

This isn’t just about winning new clients and projects, it’s about retaining and developing existing clients and looking for opportunities to add value, help solve their challenges and issues through providing high quality solutions.

It’s about building and nurturing relationships with intermediaries and referrers which is even more important now so many interactions are online.


Pathway to Partner 

Often people ‘make it’ to partner based mainly on technical knowledge and ability –and are suddenly given business development, people and practice leadership responsibility. For many it can take time before they are able to balance all the elements of performance at partner level and deliver against targets.

The Pathway to Partner programme helps Directors and Senior Managers on partner track, to develop the key skills, knowledge and behaviours in advance of that step-up – meaning that they can demonstrate improved performance before being promoted.


Developing Managers 

The impact that management has on organisational performance cannot be understated. Yet it is often taken for granted, with people just expected to naturally ‘step-up’ and manage teams.

With the shift to increased remote working, great management, alongside leadership, is more important than ever to maintain engagement, motivation, growth and performance. We help to develop effective management behaviours and skills and have developed a range of practical tools and approaches to positively impact on individual and collective performance.


Commenting on the Academy the Armadillo founders said:

“The idea behind the Armadillo Academy is to really help accountants develop their teams, managers and future partners. Arming them with the right mindset, tools, processes and systems, and teaching them how to have fun with the clients. By doing so, current partners will have more free time, allowing them to work on the business, not in it”. Gordon Berry, Armadillo Support.

We are excited to be working alongside theGrogroup with Armadillo Academy to offer professional firms the training and tools they need to grow their own business and those of their clientsMatt Hall, Armadillo Support.


About theGrogroup

theGrogroup is a performance consultancy specialising in professional services firms to develop Leadership and Management, Business Development, Commercial and Advisory skills that impact on top and bottom line performance.

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