theGrogroup launch an exclusive club for in-house L&D professionals

theGrogroup launch an exclusive club for in-house L&D professionals

After spending nearly 10 years in a senior internal Learning and Development position with a large business, and then subsequently working with a variety of L&D professionals since joining theGrogroup, I have a clear understanding of the immense value that an effective Learning and Development function can add to an organisation. The only way businesses can remain successful and relevant is through constantly learning and evolving, so L&D should be at the core of every business, driving growth, innovation and required change – ensuring that organisations are continually improving and always focused on maximising performance.

Yet, in our experience, this impact is underestimated.  It is often seen as a support function or an overhead (“we offer ‘training’, so we are ticking the staff development box”). In my time in internal L&D, we found ourselves often ‘at odds’ with some people in our business, but we enjoyed the challenge of demonstrating the value gained from investing in a learning culture. Over the years we developed a strong reputation within our firm for getting results and we won awards along the way for people development. We focused upon:

  • Business goals
  • Measurability
  • Advocacy within the Executive team
  • Growing internal and external networks

It was a tough challenge and we often felt a little isolated. Looking back, I think we would have been significantly helped by being part of a live Learning and Development community where knowledge, ideas and challenges could be shared and there were clear opportunities to learn and improve.

So, we have created theGro:Club to do just that! We believe members will benefit from the initial ideas we have for the club, including:

  • Raising the profile of L&D teams and their reputation internally
  • Great articles on how to focus on results
  • Sharing best practice
  • Discovering how people are innovating inside and outside your sector
  • Sharing challenges with colleagues, finding solutions
  • Creating a powerful network
  • Plus access to blogs, resources and more …..

The club will provide members with a valuable opportunity to ‘Gro’ their impact, their people offering, their knowledge and build a powerful network. It provides a platform to create a strong community where ideas, concerns and challenges can be shared and clear mutual benefits created.

Membership is FREE and unlimited, if you are interested in joining please sign up here