Strategic planning for marketing and business development teams

Strategic planning for marketing and business development teams

We were recently asked to facilitate an away day for the marketing and business development team at a mid tier law firm who had undergone a period of change over the last 12 months and who wanted to ensure they moved into 2019 with a clear strategy and priorities.

There was also a need to raise the confidence of the team as there had been a difference in perception between what fee earners wanted and the experience and expertise of many years in the sector that allowed the team to understand what their fee earners actually needed.

The day began by using the Insights tool to increase their own self-awareness, by understanding themselves and others in the team, they were able to start thinking about making the most of the relationships that affect them in their firm.


The day was both fun and provided the confidence boost that was required so that each individual felt capable of stepping up and challenging partner expectations in future.

It’s always difficult when fee earning professionals struggle to articulate their goals and objectives when it comes to spending money on marketing. A lack of understanding of the difference between marketing and sales also causes confusion and a misconception that the marketing and business development teams can just “make it all better “.

The truth is, sometimes fee earners, just need to be told that somethings have to be there responsibility because they have the client relationships.

We finished with a session around “future history” that will allow the team to celebrate the success they achieve in future and create a clear roadmap of how to get there.

Commenting on the session the Board member responsible for BD and Marketing commented  “It was really helpful to get all of the points out and the final session has given us lots to work with. Paul is so good at being able to work with whatever comes up and raise points we as leaders in the firm would have struggled to get them to open up on…and you know our organisation so well. Thank you for your help!

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