Project Management

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Course Description

A search of the Internet shows that there are lots of methodologies and techniques for managing projects…. PRINCE2 ®, PMI®, Agile…. As someone new to project management it can be pretty confusing.  So where to start?

This highly interactive and intensive one-day course will help you understand what Project Management is REALLY all about.  Drawing on practical examples we’ll cut through the jargon and give you what you need to get started.


Content Overview

Stakeholder Management

  • Identifying and prioritising stakeholders
  • Establishing their requirements
  • Reporting to and managing stakeholders and their expectations


Building a project plan

  • What goes into an effective project plan
  • Building a schedule from key deliverables
  • Assigning resources and calculating costs
  • Anticipating problems (risk identification and management)


Communication and reporting

  • Getting support from colleagues, managers and staff
  • Agreeing structures and strategies
  • Building a communication plan


Managing a project

  • Managing People, Managing Resources and Managing Risk
  • Bringing a project to a close – successful or otherwise



This course is designed for project leaders and line managers who wish to develop effective methods for managing projects.

By the end of the course delegates will have developed an effective toolkit through practical exercises.

Duration and Format

Full day, interactive and supported with materials and shared resources

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