People quit managers, not jobs …..

People quit managers, not jobs …..

We know that senior leadership teams in Professional Services firms understand just how essential effective management is to the organisation. Managers truly have a 360 degree role, delivering upwards, influencing downwards and not forgetting the external deliverables to clients.

We know that a study by DDI which found that:

57% of people have quit jobs because of their manager

37% reported that they have considered leaving because of their manager

People quit managers, not jobs”

We know this because the majority of firms are already (or planning on) investing in development programmes, coaching and support for their managers.

Yet we believe we have a few compelling reasons to consider theGrogroup offer the next time you approach a buying decision or review your programme results.

Designed and delivered by industry experts who understand the challenges, talk the language, and have the stories, our Management Development programme equips people managers in Professional Services firms with the skills, behaviours and tools to:

  • Set standards
  • Drive performance
  • Raise engagement
  • Build effective culture
  • Create dynamic teams
  • Develop potential in others
  • Retain talent
  • Help those managers progress and build great careers

We know how critical a resource time is to fee-earning managers, so the programme is practical and enables delegates to immediately transfer learning into role and implement takeaway actions into performance.

More details are included in our programme flyer

If you are interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the team:

We would love to chat about any plans you have to improve management capability.