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We find many successful clients promote people to partner with little or no exposure to the skills they need to succeed:

  • Lack of financial awareness – how does their behaviour impact growth, profit and cashflow?
  • Great technically but.. lacking emotional intelligence
  • Good with clients but not leaders…
  • Lack of transparency about what makes a good partner
  • Strategic thinking
  • Lacking emotional intelligence and effective people management
  • An understanding of how they can effectively contribute to Business Development

“We have been successful despite our inattention to how we promote and develop partners”

Partner, Top 50 law firm

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Improving staff retention, clarifying promotion pathways and supporting the development of partners

We work with a range of professional service firms from accountants to lawyers and consultants and begin with a focus on understanding strategy at the top. When this is clear a well articulated strategy can help clarify key competencies that a firm must be driving if it is to succeed.

When the business can identify the skills it needs then it is a simple task to determine who can deliver on those competencies and who should rise to partner. Male or female, full or part time. We often find that the route to partnership is far from transparent and that is often poorly understood by existing partners.

Working with the board, Talent partner or HR directors, we assist in definition of key attributes that a firm may require and help take away the burden of creating a clear process. Our Managing Partner Programme for the ICAEW highlighted a range of challenges faced by regional firms in getting this right.

If you want to improve your staff retention, clarify your promotion pathways and support partners in their new role. Call us on 01892 610060 or email

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