Our Approach SO 2

A key value that underpins our approach to everything we do is contribution.

Based on our experiences when working with clients, learning from successes, and from projects that, in our view, didn’t maximise the potential return, we have developed a process to support organisations in enabling and embedding improved performance.

We know that any project that requires a change in behaviours – for example, the development of strategy to support a new direction, a leadership or a commercial development programme – will only have a lasting impact on performance if the new skills, behaviours and mindsets are locked-in to everyday ways of doing things and into the usual business rhythm. This means aligning the forces and levers that drive the business culture.

Our process underpins all that we do. You will see from our areas of expertise that this forms the basis of our approach to designing and delivering solutions that have real and lasting impact on performance and provide measurable return on investment for our clients.

Our 4 step process:


We dig deep to gain a clear understanding of the organisation and it’s environment in order to effectively diagnose needs and wants. This includes:

  • The purpose, vision, strategy and culture
  • The current position and gap to desired position
  • The key challenges, barriers to success and pain points
  • What is needed to drive improved performance, change and success against the goals
  • The priorities and timescales


Working with you to design the right solutions to deliver against your needs. This could be consulting to develop and embed strategy, to measure and shift culture, or to create succession plans. It could be delivering solutions to develop knowledge, skills, behaviours, processes and mindsets to drive better performance. It might be coaching at all levels across an organisation or creating resources and toolkits to develop effective habits and work patterns.


Ensuring that the strategic, behavioural and mindset changes are embedded in to individual and collective performance, through re-aligning essential cultural levers and linking to people and performance management systems and processes.


Creating clear metrics and measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the process against desired outcomes, to understand the effect on performance and the overall return on investment.