Generate Profit and Growth from Learning and Development in Professional Services

Would you like to deliver real results in driving your strategy, your desired culture and retaining key people from learning and development in professional services in your firm?


Ultimately would you want to see measurable results and improved returns on investment, through positioning learning and development at the core of your professional services firm to create improved business performance?

Our experience in building an award winning ‘integrated’ learning and development function in a top ten accounting firm from scratch, and from reviewing and trouble-shooting many client facing functions, has led to a framework and process to help L&D operations successfully navigate the vital journey from ‘support’ function to valued core business driver.

This means being effectively positioned to add huge value to business results, to have a positive impact on the Human Resources brand and to build support from partners who often regard L&D as an overhead.

If you are curious, then taking a few minutes to complete our learning and development health check will help you assess where you are currently positioned and provide clear ideas on how to move forward.

Completing the assessment is easy.

All you need to do is complete the form below and we will email it to you.

The health check is guaranteed to be the catalyst to significant changes that could transform attitudes and show stakeholders how they can generate profit and growth from learning and development in professional services firms.

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