Post Merger and Acquisition Integration

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  • How can you provide seamless client service?
  • How can you get people to share clients?
  • How can you encourage cross selling between teams?
  • What would a ‘joined up’ business look like?

“…After all the due diligence we thought the hard work was over on the day we merged… but that's when it really started …”

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All firms look for growth, and merging or acquiring seems like a natural choice

In the recent Managing Partners Programme we ran for the ICAEW, few of the partners had actually found financial benefits even after 3 years post acquisition.

When two firms join forces there is often confusion over brand identity, target market, client quality and service and performance management.

We help and support firms who understand the degree of challenge in bringing a new firm or team into an existing dominant business and want to ensure the join is seamless:

  • Clarify communication across the firms
  • Conferences to ‘join teams’ that drive lead generation
  • A process to engage HoDs and managers to focus upon ‘one team’
  • Help and support with engagement and retention post merger


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